Friday, September 11, 2009

Gerard Butler is More Than Enough Reason For Me

Gerard Butler has had two films released in the past few months:

The Ugly Truth in July - read my review HERE

And Gamer just last week.

I'm actually much more of a Gamer target audience than The Ugly Truth. I rarely see contemporary romantic comedies at the theatre - but if Gerry's in it, well, that's another story.

Gamer is a cautionary tale about nanotechnology and its unforseen applications. Gerard Butler plays a convicted death row inmate who is outfitted with neurotransmitters that connect him to a gamer. Gerry becomes the virtual soldier in a first-person shooter game. Other social implications include Second Life-type programs run amok and creeping Hitler-like seduction and control of the masses.

I knew something was up when there was no review for Gamer in the paper on opening day. Producers who don't release a film to reviewers are plainly saying that they're aware the critics will pan it. But they'd like to get their opening weekend box office before the reviews ultimately get out.

Being the loyal and supportive Gerry fan that I am, I made sure I was there for that essential opening day box office.

Suffice to say, the ending of Gamer is the reason for not releasing it to critics ahead of time. But honestly - before we get there, it's a decent action film. I can only assume that a rewrite or seven of the script and perhaps too many editing suggestions are to blame for that ending.

But no matter. I'm a very particular film goer whose normal tastes fly out the window when it comes to Gerry. If he's in it, I'm there, baby.


Hey Julia -

I've got a film coming out. Can you help me out with some box office love?

Sure, Gerry.

This one hasn't got a pre-release to critics.

You know I don't care about that, Gerry.

Can I blow you a kiss?

Already caught it, Gerry.