Friday, August 14, 2009

WOODSTOCK: The Grooviness-to-Fringe Ratio

40 years ago this week, three days of peace, love, hippies, inhaling and rock and roll converged on a farm owned by Max Yasgur in Upstate New York.

I set up my own set list in honour of the historic festival. You can time travel back to the concert by clicking HERE.

I tend to be funkier rather than folkier. So my set list included original funk meister Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix. It wasn't hard to see that the funkiest musicians were head to toe in fringe.

And it's very mesmerizing to see the grooviness in 3D as the fringe sways along with the music.

Jimi Hendrix gets down, baby

Sly Stone, brothers and sisters

Carlos Santana skipped the fringe but was arguably the funkiest musician there. Though he did have wild, fringe-like hair.

Rock god Roger Daltrey had both the hair and the fringe. He's definitely doing it for me!

Farmer Max Yasgur kept to his non-fringey look as the host of the world's most celebrated drop-in.

Yasgur addressed the crowd on the third and final day of the music festival:

"The important thing that you've proven to the world...is that a half million young people can get together to have fun and music...and have nothing but fun and music and God Bless You for it!"

After the concert, he said "If we join [those young people], we can turn those adversities that are the problems of America today into a hope for a brighter and more peaceful future." - Wikipedia

The Who - My Generation

Santana - Soul Sacrifice

Sly & The Family Stone - I Wanna Take You Higher

Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady